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How do I retrieve my remarks from WebClipper on Evernote?

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I just clipped a note using Webclipper and added a bunch of important details in the “remark” field. 

However, I'm unable to find them again (tried the web version and Mac one) on icon “Info” but couldn’t find anything there. Any ideas please, ladies and gents?


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Thanks for replying @csihilling.

The comments don't appear on Mac client (attachment 1) and on Web version actually show on the card (attachment 2), but not on the note expanded. In any case, I had to remember myself the note and type somewhere else.

Maybe a bug?






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I have a same matter as yours. I used web clip and Mac client with Evernote. I am able to use "added remark" on web clip. But, I can't find out the added remark on my client site. 

I also wish there is a added remark showing on here. (Attached picture)

evernote added remark no showing.png

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