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Note I am working in automatically switches to a different note

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This started to happen to me a lot, in the Windows desktop app, latest version

While I am working in a note, updating it generally, then all of a sudden, Evernote decides to switch to a different note!

Sometimes, I'll accidentally keep on typing in the new note. It is getting a little annoying. It is as if, it has to resort the notes I have filtered to as I review the note.

Anybody experiencing a similar issue? Any recommendation or solutions?

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I haven't updated to v. 6.6 yet, so all I can say is it's never happened to me in v. 6.5 or earlier. Did it start as soon as you updated Evernote? I presume you've tried the obvious--quitting Evernote with File > Exit, and if that doesn't work restarting the computer. Sometimes odd bits of code get jammed up in computer memory like chewing gum in a 2-year-old's hair, and the only solution is to quit and start over (with the program, not the child ^_^).

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It used to happen before the update, but now it is happening more often.

I am in a filtered list with old reminder dates. So I am going through those notes, updating the due date, or making a comment etc. While I am in one note, it will switch to the last note in the same filtered list.

Happening very frequently now. It almost feels like, it re-pulls the search. I see the flickering of the list on the left as if it resorted or reran. Does that make sense?

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