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(Archived) Permanently Hide Note Window Toolbar: is there a way?



i am trying to make the 'hide toolbar' option persistent as it takes up too much screen space and is of very little use to me if any. when i click the little bubble on the top right i get the desired effect but there is seemingly no way to make this a persistent change.

am i missing something or is the app just designed this way? i am pretty sure there's some hack that's simple enough but i have no idea what.

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The Mac client has a bug that it forgets the settings for the single-note window. (It works fine for the main window.)

I've filed this as a bug.

Thanks for confirming that I was not going crazy. Are these bugs documented anywhere that we normal users can check them before monopolizing your time with requests? =)

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No, we don't currently maintain a public bug database. Our internal bug database is not sanitized for public access (e.g. it may contain some user email addresses from bug reporters and things like that which we wouldn't want to expose externally).


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