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The Evernote website (specifically help.evernote.com) keeps reverting to the incorrect language (Dutch)

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I recently attempted to access the help files from my Evernote Windows desktop client and it took me to the Dutch language version of the help. If I tried changing to English I couldn't find a solution by either modifying the URL (to simply www.help.evernote.com or by adding in 'en' in the place of 'nl' in the PHP string of the URL).

This has been somewhat of a recurring issue over years since the language may have changed to Dutch for whatever reason (I do speak Dutch, but it's a second language, and not my first choice for Evernote)

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Hi.  The website should pick up your language from the system settings.

If your system settings are set correctly but you see web pages in the wrong language,  check the browser settings.

After seeing an incorrect page,  check http://www.reliply.org/tools/requestheaders.php

-it will give you information on what information has been sent by the browser,  and how to change some of the settings.

If the reliply page shows "Accept Language en-GB,en;q=0.8,it;q=0.6,en-US;q=0.4". forinstance move "en-US" in front of "it" to get an English Evernote page.  Seems only to recognise "en-US" and not other English variants.



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Same problem here. On my end everything is set to U.S. English ("en-us"). But the EN support webpages for submitting help requests are all displaying in Dutch ("nl").

Does anyone know of any fixes?


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