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Search function failure??

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Since yesterday, I had numerous SEARCHes that did not work.

Very simple stuff.

For instance, I was looking for a CD bill.

Emphasis: All notes..

Search: Thompson

No returns.

I looked for it manually (I knew it was there) and found it.

Did the same with a couple of KD Lang's albums, with similar problems.

Please note that these are note images of receipts. It is e-mails confirmations, clipped as texts.

Is it because the indexing tables are rebuilding after installing the new version?

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Hi.  My searches seem to be working normally after the upgrade.  I'd suggest you try a restart (of the device) to see whether something just got jammed,  but if that doesn't work,  you might consider exiting Evernote,  renaming your current database folder,  and allowing Evernote to rebuild your database - and the search index - from the server.  (If you have any local-only notebooks,  make sure to export them first and then re-import.)

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