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Searching Metadata in Media files

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Hi.  No.  Sorry - if your picture contains text,  Evernote will try to character-read it,  but there's no facility to search through metadata unless it's also part of the note text.  I use Flickr and Lightroom to manage pictures,  both of which have far more features than Evernote for finding (and editing!) pictures.

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3 hours ago, jray9242 said:

If I have a lot of photos with metadata information, I would like to be able to search for it.

If this information is important, I’d include it in the note with the image
This makes it a simple search exercise
So the challenge is to obtain the metadata.  I could do this with scripting on my Mac

For example  59836e2877892_ScreenShot2017-08-03at11_40_09.png.7b2af886395ce7ee008ddc7b2603e6ad.png


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