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Latest iOS EN - freezes on mixed content copy and loses text on saving



Latest EN as of today on latest iOS, iPhone 5s


1. Copying mixed content from this page (Safari app) to Evernote freezes the EN app


2. Created new empty note in EN and switched to Safari to copy text. When copying the bullet points individually, EN App didn't save added text at 2 occasions on that particular article. Since the app was freezing I went on and copy text only without pictures, every time marking and copying the text between pictures. On two occasions I copied text (bullet pointed block of text) and past into EN app. Initially the copied text was there and I returned to main application window. I pulled the list to refresh and upload the new created note. Once upload finished went back to the note and unfortunately the *last* added block of text wasn't there. It was completely missing from the note. 

As I said it happened on 2 occasions so I'm pretty sure it has to do with the EN app. 



PS I know I could use bookmarklet but I want control over copied text so bookmarklet won't help with the task. . 

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