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Seriously, how do you avoid editing coniflicts between devices

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Last night I edited a class presentation on my Mac. 

After finishing I waited a bit and made sure it look ok on my iPad. So far so good. 

I'm on the train now headed for class and I thought of something I wanted to add, so opened the iOS app on my iPhone, waited until it looked like the note had synced,  and added a picture.  

When I was done I scanned through the note, saw some old content and a "conflict" warning. 

The content is all there but it's sort of scrambled and I'll have to edit it in my iPad after I arrive. 

Isn't there some way of avoiding these kinds of sync problem?

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Sounds like the killer was opening the note on your phone,  having checked it on desktop and iPad.  Try opening and checking the note on your phone too,  to make usre it has the latest version.

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