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Order by tags in Android

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Hi.  I'm not sure what 'order by tags' would entail - do you want to see all the notes tagged <alpha>,  followed by all those tagged <beta>,  and so on?  It's not (yet) possible in Android,  though you could approximate that by adding your tag(s) to the title of your notes...

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On 2017-07-28 at 오후 11시 32분, Mcjarod said:

I need order by tags

Can you provide more details as to your requirement 
I see a problem with notes having multiple tags.  Would you need these notes listed multiple times?

As part of my monthly budget processing I need to produce a report of notes in tag order
I have about 20 budget tags 
With multiple tags on a note; some notes get listed more than once
My solution was to produce a note list for each tag

I can't see doing this on the Android platform; I used scripting on a Mac
- Extract tags; sort
- For each tag: extract notes; sort
- Consolidate note lists

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