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Sharing a Notebook with a non-user in unfriendly format

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[Writing on behalf of a client]

When he shares a note with a non-Evernote-User, they get sent to a web page which displays the title, text, attachments very nicely on mobile. When sharing a notebook with a non-user (for a group trip), they get sent to the Evernote website in a browser on mobile. Not easy to read (tiny text) and a pain to go between individual notes.

Is there a way to make this a more user-friendly format? Would be an easy win to possibly get new users if sharing a Notebook was formatted beautifully for non-users. They'd be impressed with their Evernote savvy friend and want to be able to do the same.

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17 minutes ago, rebREorg said:

Is there a way to make this a more user-friendly format?

I never liked sharing notebooks to non-users

My approach would be to share notes; starting with a table of contents master note
This allows me to control the UI and presentation

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