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Make "Copy internal link" (Ctrl+Alt+L) work from the note, rather than just from note list

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I'm not sure why this limitation exists, but when you right click on a note, you get an option to copy its "internal link" - and its possible to do this with the keyboard using Crtl+Alt+L, as the first image shows. If you are writing within the note however, this keyboard shortcut is no longer available. To get this link using a mouse while in the note, the user has to choose Note> Copy Note Link. The keyboard shortcut therefore changes to Alt+N+L. This is all quite confusing for the muscle memory. Also confusing is the lack of consistent terminology: (copy internal link vs copy note link) unless I am missing something?

Long in short: request to have Ctrl+Alt+L work as keyboard shortcut to copy the note's link regardless if the user has clicked on the note via the note list, or is in the note itself.

(I am using the lastest Windows Beta)







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On the 6.7 version CTRL+ALT+L works while you are editing the note. Not sure about the 6.9 version however. If that shortcut went away with the update, I would be annoyed myself.

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