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1. I've searched the forums for this first issue, and have found nothing more recent than 2015. The help and learning pages I've found haven't covered it.

I'm on a Mac using the app. When I have a work chat open, I can see the avatar of my co-worker. Mine is the generic grey silhouette. I do have a profile pic loaded, and it does show up elsewhere.

How can I get it to show in the chat window?

2. Is there a way to see in Chat whether someone is logged in, as in Google Hangouts? I only know someone is there when they slide a comment in. How can I tell they have the chat open on their side?


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Hi.  My take on Evernote Work Chat is that it's like IM - you get alerts with messages,  and can reply quickly,  but its also designed to allow you to message or respond to someone who's a time zone or two away and therefore not present when you're typing.  If you need a back-and-forth vehicle that alerts you to when someone's online,  my suggestion would be to go with Slack or one of the other major players...

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