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Evernote syncing insanity! Anyway to recover?

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I was editing class notes for my Sunday volunteer teaching class on my Mac. After editing (which was slow with a lot of beachballs) I synced and went to look at it on my iPad. But the iPad, even though it said it was just synced, was not showing the current contents.

Then I went back to the Mac and it was showing sort of a mess of current and past contents.

In the edit menu I didn't see anything to undo changes.

Is all I edited lost?

I had just switched back from Onenote to Evernote this week after a year of doing the class notes in Onenote because I thought Evernote synced better in general, but this is disastrous. Any way to recover?

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Whew. I found the versions and there was one from about a half hour ago that looks ok and I imported it. But I wonder what happened to mess up the syncing to begin with and how to avoid that from happening again.


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Hi.   It sounds like you did a LOT of editing,  and changed platform from Mac to iPad fairly quickly.  This is how things should work... How does sync work within Evernote?

Once the syncs have evened out so (hopefully) everything you had n the mac is now on the iPad,  is this still an issue?

How to troubleshoot note syncing errors in iOS

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I did do a lot of editing. But I also intentionally clicked the sync icon on my Mac before going over to the iPad. Then on the iPad I "pulled down" to check the syncing status and it said it was done. So I was surprised to see it really had not synced.

Usually syncing in Evernote is quite quick and fast.

Anyway, I was able to recover from the versions fortunately.


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It just doesn't seem to be syncing over to the iPad. At least not in a reasonable time. I just did some more editing about a half hour ago. I synced on the Mac. Just now I looked at the iPad and my new content hasn't synced over - even though it says it synced "just now."

At least the Mac note didn't get messed up this time. But I wonder why it's not syncing well. Syncing has always been one of the major things I liked about Evernote. <_<

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33 minutes ago, douglerner said:


It just doesn't seem to be syncing over to the iPad.


The syncing flow is         IPad   <>     Server      <>      Mac

We can monitor the server using the web platform (www.evernote.com)

I’ll do some testing this evening to see if I can isolate the issue


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It did eventually sync over. But took a long time I think.

On the Mac, after the sync wheel stops spinning shouldn't it mean it's on the Evernote server?

And when the iPad says it finished syncing after that, shouldn't that mean it synced with the Evernote server?


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On a purely belt and braces (suspenders?) basis you could carry out a painstaking check to see what's happening...

  • Power iPad off
  • Edit on the Mac and sync
  • Open a browser and sign into Evernote.com - check the edits are on the server.
  • Power iPad on
  • Check for sync and view changes.

If after all that the changes didn't make it through to the iPad,  try uninstalling / restarting and reinstallng Evernote to make sure all caches are cleared and try again!

(NB a reinstall will delete and offline searchable notebooks you may have too...)

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