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Sharing Notes Using Tags



I'm fairly new to Evernote, but it seems to me that one feature that would be very cool is the ability to share tags. The reason I say this is, let's say I am building a new website business that requires a lot of input from different people. If I create a shared notebook, everyone on the team can see everything in that notebook, which bogs people down with stuff they don't need to see and maybe stuff I don't want some people to see. If I create a shared notebook for my website programmer and move notes into that, how do I then also share those documents with other people who don't have access to that notebook? Complicate this by having eight projects going on at once and eight people working on those projects. Anyway, I'd rather just be able to tag a note "Andrew" and now Andrew can see it. I can add a tag for whoever is relevant to whichever note. Maybe this exists and I don't know it yet, but if it doesn't exist it should.

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I added my vote.

You might want to edit your subject and first line.  The request is not so much sharing tags as sharing notes using tags (instead of notebooks)

I have no idea how the sharing magic works and what the technical implications are

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