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total number of notes



In previous EN version on Windows, "All My Notes" shows the total number of notes of the CURRENT account.

But in the latest v.6, the status bar shows the total number of both notes of the CURRENT account and also notes shared by other accounts.

As we know, the limit of note quantity for a single account is 100k.

Now the problem is, with the new version, I never see the exact number of notes of my current account, and how far from the limit of 100k.

Of course I can try to find a calculator or log into the web edition only to see my notes quota left. But this seems to be a little ...

Can anybody give a solution? Thanks.

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I don't use Windows, but on my Mac, I see note counts in the sidebar
I have minimal notebooks and can get the count from there

Also when I select multiple notes
A block action box opens and displays the note count selected

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In my current beta version I can click on All Notes and get a global total,  and then click on my shared-in notebooks and get individual totals.  After several years of activity I'm now pushing 40,000 notes which is growing v-e-r-y slowly.  I don't think the 100K note limit will threaten me for some time yet...

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