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International Fonts in published notes



It would be great if fonts used in web-version of published notes had support for Cyrillic characters (moreover, they have to be international — you have users from all over the world). Otherwise, web-notes look ugly and it makes web-publishing feature not so useful — I don’t want to share ugly notes with my colleagues or partners.
Take a look at a screenshot I attached. It indeed looks ugly because of mix of fonts. Especially when there's such a mix in one sentence.
I'm pretty sure that this feature (publishing a note to web) is one of good ways of new users acquisition for you, so I think it worth spending just a little time searching for good international fonts.
I hope you will take this feedback into account and do something with it.
Best regards,
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Снимок экрана 2017-07-19 в 11.09.05.png

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6 hours ago, Ilyas said:

Take a look at a screenshot I attached.

Personally the screenshot showed me nothing; which shows my ignorance of Cyrillic characters
Could you post a side-by-side clipping of the note in Evernote view, and the web view

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Both paragraphs should look the same, but they don't, because Browser uses default font for cyrillic characters, and this is caused by Gotham not having support for Cyrillics. If you will pay attention you will note, that font in 1st paragraph is serif, and in the 2nd it is sans-serif.

Anyway, if you find it useful, I'm attaching a side-by-side clipping as you asked. As you can see, in Evernote the note looks consistent, but in Web view it is a mix of fonts.


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