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Clicking any note with any hyperlink auto-launches new window in desktop app for MAC

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Looking for some help on why this annoying feature is happening and how to stop it. I searched the settings under personalization and didn't see a setting to change this:

Went to clear out my evernote a bit and tried to click on multiple notes to delete at once. Realized that anytime there was any kind of hyperlink in a note (hyperlink could be from a web snippet, copied link to another note title like a table of contents, etc) it would open a new window just for that note. I want to be able to click all notes without launching a separate window, unless I double click on the note title. This is pretty standard across most layout/web interfaces. 


Any help is appreciated. I cam across a thread that talked about the new version of evernote launching browser windows instead of evernote windows when you create a hyperlink to a note but I don't think that is what is happening here (although that sounds very annoying too).


Forgot to add that I am pressing CMD (flag key on windows keyboard) to try to select multiple notes. It appears that if I click on ANY note with hyperlink, it launches new window. If I click a note and then push CMD to click another note, it opens that second-clicked note in another window EVEN WITH NO HYPERLINK. I've tried using CTRL, CMD, and ALT with no luck. The only way I've found to select multiple notes with MAC is using shift but this doesn't work if I have 5 notes I want to select that are spread out among other notes I don't want to select.

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Also, when I finally was able to click on multiple notes to try to delete them, the delete option was grayed out. I presume this was because I had some of those notes (with hyperlinks that auto-opened) open in separate windows and thus it wouldn't let me delete it. 

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So this is embarrassing... It was actually my logitech mouse. Apparently after a certain time it can be common for a mouse to double click on single clicks at random. Dude in this video says it's static electricity buildup. Others disagree, but either way, his fix of turning off mouse, take batteries out, and click the hell out of the mouse as often as you can for 30 seconds fixed my issues for now! 



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