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Poor UI of upgrade billing form

Alexey Chernov



I'm a long-term Premium user, but when changed my card I was downgraded to a basic plan for few days.

How surprised I was, when Evernote client suggested me to upgrade my account to premius and then showed me such an ugly form in terms of overall design and UX. It's really a shame.

Word "Credit Card" is in the wrong position. Then I automatically tried to put credit card number in the first field and then realized, that you put "Name" input first instead and even inserted credit card logos near it to confuse it even more.

Then I clicked on quesiton mark button on CVV input and the appeared hint wasn't visible at all.

After successful payment the window couldn't recognize that I'm an existing user and tried to show me "Initial Tour", when I clicked on it - it just returned me to a main window where... surprise - I still see the message, that I need to renew my account on the top.

Guys, I'm with you since 2010 and I'm really dissapointed. 

I have a fresh installation of Windows 10, latest Evernote 6.5.4, Russian language, FullHD resolution with a default scale (1920x1080).



Скриншот 2017-07-18 12.52.51.png

Скриншот 2017-07-18 12.53.46.png

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