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Error Popups Content is too long

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I am getting these 1000 popups in an hour "Content is too long" after Evernote synced a very huge text file from my documents folder.   I deleted all those notes but I still haven't figured out why these popups appear and they hang my Evernote and ultimately my machine.


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Why do I keep getting the following error message repeatedly while in an EverNote?  Better question is, how can I resolve the problem?  Thanx.

  "Can't detect more grammar errors.  Text is too long."

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  • Evernote Expert

I'm not sure I've seen this reported by others. Is it a system generated error message or a message from Evernote itself? Share a screen grab if you aren't sure.

Are you using the Legacy application or the new Evernote 10? This is a Legacy build thread.

If you have Evernote 10 then you could try a data rebuild and see if it helps but that is a grab at straws.This could possibly be a corruption in the data.

In the desktop app File | Sign Out | Remove my Evernote Data from this device

The sign back in and your data is rebuilt.

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Not sure on Windows legacy - but was there a grammar checker at all ?

There is none in v10 for sure - we have other threads asking to allow Grammarly to work together with v10.

Probably something like this is running on that computer as well.

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… same for all mobile versions, no grammar checker in EN. It is either an OS function, or another app.

If you can‘t find a trigger, ask EN support. Android app settings, support, support ticket (subscribers only).

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"Fixed" on my Android phone by going to Android system Settings >>  Samsung Keyboard >> turn off "Predictive Text".

Of course now I have no predictive text! but it's better than living with those warning messages when editing long notes.

Thanks to Evernote support for the quick emailed solution, and Pink Elephant for the help.

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If you don't want to get rid of Predictive Text, try this on that same Samsung Keyboard menu in Android: Suggest text corrections > Manage apps, then turn off the slider for Evernote in the list of apps where it gives you the option to receive Writing Assistant suggestions while typing. The "text too long" popup went away on my phone after I did that.

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