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Wow! Frustrating!!! How do I simply delete a reminder?

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I have spent WAY WAY too much time on this and accidentally deleted my largest note. This is incredibly frustrating and I can't believe I have to go to a forum for this. But here goes:

How do you delete a reminder? I accidentally created 2 reminders and now I have this fungus of a reminder on the left side of my window. I have tried unchecking, checking, right clicking, etc. Why they heck can't I just select and delete it? I'm enclosing a screen shot in case it helps.

This is mac client version 6.11.1


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.59.34 PM.png

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20 minutes ago, wphall said:

How do you delete a reminder?

On my Mac, I simply click on the reminder icon at the top of the note596a75b78ecad_ScreenShot2017-07-15at13_04_52.png.90ddc1e301121435731555a48f220d5b.png
I have a menu of options; I can mark a reminder as done, or clear the reminder

Not sure what fungus your image was supposed to show
If you don't want to see the Reminder section, click on the 596a7920895f8_ScreenShot2017-07-15at13_20_33.png.d09a5c8001b7ed1d23a9f34d16d00170.png to the left of Reminders

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Thank you DTLow- OMG, this is amazing. I was not getting that menu. I've read a bunch of other posts about this and couldn't figure out where/how they were getting this menu. THEN, I just accidentally learned that this menu does not appear if the item is checked off in the reminders list.

Thanks! I now know that a user cannot clear a checked item.



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