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link back to email (Outlook)




OneNote apparently has the ability to drag'n'drop an email into a note and thus create a link to the original email in Outlook (see eg here).

That would be an awesome feature and super helpful for people who (have to) work with MS Outlook.

At the moment, I use OneNote to create this link and then copy & paste it into EN. This feels like "wrong" and it would be great if EN could integrate this feature so one could use at least one less MS product ;)

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For my email archive (not Outlook) in addition to the email link, I also store the email message as an attachment in native .eml format.  

The link may not be valid in the future, but the file attachment should be more future proof.

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for the interested:

  • to create a link to an Outlook item I'm using Linker for Windows (NB: you need to activate URL protocol, see eg here and/or here)
  • to create a .msg file, just safe into EN import folder or drag Email to desktop and then into EN
  • to create a .eml file and import it into EN, I'm using Outlook Freeware's "export messages to EML files" which seems to work fine (right click and chose export) and one can choose the EN import folder as target -> easy & fast [whether this Outlook Freeware software is good or full of spyware, I have no idea]

So, as a workaround this - well - works. But it would be great to have this naturally implemened in EN, so I don't have to run software nobody knows how long it will work...

PS: I, too, chose .eml although being an PC & MS man - is it uncomplicated to work with .eml on Macs, too? For iPhone/Pad I found a good app opening eml files. Can one open eml files online somehow? Would be perfect if EN would support this...


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