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Beluca Mudryi An


도대체 고객문의를 어디다가 해야하는지

또 고객문의를 했으나 답변 회신을 어떻게 해야하는지

기본적인 내용은 메일에 있어야 하는 것 아닙니까?

지금까지 헤멘 시간이 2주가 흘렀습니다.

그 이유는 사라진 노트내역을 찾으려구요

이렇게 대처와 대응이 늦어서 어떻게 9년까지 버텨왔는지 놀랍군요

계속 자동메일 답변만 올 뿐이고

한글로는 답변해달라고 해놓고 회신불가능한 메일주소로만 보내고

도대체 뭘 어떻게 하라는걸까요

답변이 안오면 그냥 처리완료인가요?

급하다고 그렇게 부탁한다고 사정사정했는대도 그냥 안왔으니 땡인가요?

이렇게 일을 처리하시나요?

해결해 주세요!

빨리 좀 

벌써 2주가 넘게 흘렀어요!

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Where to go to ask customer questions

How do you respond to a customer inquiry?

Is not the basic content to be in the mail?

It has been two weeks so far in the hectic time.

I'm looking for the missing notes.

I am surprised how you coped with this for nine years because of the slow response and response.

It just keeps responding to auto-mail.

I will send a reply to the email address that I can not reply to.

What am I supposed to do

If you do not answer, is it done?

I did not even ask you to ask because I was in a hurry. Is it Ding?

Do you do this?

Please solve!


It's been over two weeks already!

Hi.  Not sure what you tried two weeks ago,  but if you have reported a fault you should have a ticket number.  If you do not have a ticket number,  contact Support directly if you're a paying customer on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new or tweet them if not via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps 

Missing notes can sometimes be recovered from the Trash Notebook,  or from any backups you may have created.

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