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Can't find SSEE Drivers and Scan Manager Software



I'm trying to install the drivers for SSEE on a new Mac computer.  When I enter evernote.com/scansnap, I'm now directed to the download page for the Evernote software not the SSEE drivers.  My Evernote software does not recognize my SSEE because of the lack of proper drivers.  As I recall in the past, there was one package that contained both the drivers and the Evernote software.  This appears not to be the case any longer.  Can someone direct me to the proper location to download the SSEE drivers and scan manager software?  I've spent several hours yesterday and today trying to find this elusive software, but the only pages I can find for the iX500 scanner are for the non-Evernote edition directly from the Fujitsu web site.  This is not the proper software.  Help greatly appreciated.  -- Carl

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