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No "filter by tags" option in Shared Notebook (Web version)? Really?

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As a long-time EN Premium User (who exclusively have been using the Mac application) I love the option "filter by tags" that you can use in every notebook. But now I've just realized that when I share a notebook and then open it in a browser then you can't use the option "filter by tags" which I find extremely annoying and unproductive.  Because now I can't recommend Evernote for my company (where I work as an an archivist) since the whole idea was that I could enter thousands of sources and then the staff at my firm would be able to find what they're looking for through the "filter by tags" option (where you either scroll down for the right tags or search for the tags you're looking for).  

How come this vital option isn't possible in the web version of Evernote? Or did I overlook something? ?

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