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Unable to choose between square and rectangle thumbnail

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This has been happening since years ago but it become more annoying while the more I get used to Evernote, no idea yet why it happens, sometimes the notes I create displays a rectangle thumbnail instead the square and I cannot find any option to disable the rectangle feature. I have search similar issues but no solution: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39674-archived-sometimes-bigger-thumbnail-of-image-included-in-the-note/?locale=es

If I CTRL+A+Copy a note with square thumbnail and CTRL+A+paste in the conflicting note then it shows a square and now I can delete carefully all the elements not needed and now I can paste the image I want as far as I don't remove the "invisible something" that has come in the format from the other note, if I CTRL+A and then press delete, that something get erased and the thumbnails will appear as a rectangle again.


It looks like I have touch something but do not know what it is but this is not new, if I go over my notes for the past years this is continues from start, some notes displays  square thumbnail and some rectangle, I never choose it intentionally it is something that just happens without my knowledge, and sometimes I do care about the thumbnails and in those cases this becomes very annoying and frustrating and there is nothing I can do except the cloning note thing that is anoying because of the hidden format and been all the time carefully so I don't mess up the invisible format.

I am sure this has to be something so easy to fix like, pressing F11 or an option from a drop down menu, I press accidentally many keys but in this case I don't find the way back to normal square thumbnail. Taking pictures with my evernote from android also appears lately as rectangle, what is going on? am I the only one? 

Thanks for any help.


PS: I have shared a notebook with two notes, a square and rectangle thumbnail notes, the square one with the character "s" is the cloned one from a note from the past that originally have square, if I delete that "s" it becomes rectangle: https://www.evernote.com/pub/exceles/evernotethumbnails (in web mode it shows fine but in android or windows doesn't)


PS2: Nothing, now all of the notes I create are rectangles, Today I had to create lots of notes with squares and they are all appearing as rectangles, lots of hours waisted trying to find solution for this, this is becoming very very annoying, frustrating, time consuming and it is really pissing me off, omg what is going on with the icon feature? between this and the other thing of choosing the biggest image as default Evernote is creating in my opinion the most annoying icon system I can think of, Evernote, great system yes, but once you get stuck with it, you get also stuck with this little annoying things that you discover over time little by little with apparently no solution,

PS3: I give up, I will just create the notes as rectangles... sooner or later I know it will show squares again and I will recreate the whareverhundred notes I have created.

I have really tried many combinations, and this is my third icon battle over the past 3 years, the first two ones I didn't bother to come to the forum, it was not important then, and it only happened with some notes, but now they are with all new ones, .. I must keep working so, nothing else I can do, I have wasted time, tried combinations, google for help, advance google search filtering titles intitle:evernote intitle:thumbnail intitle:rectangle intitle:square and many more combinations, I have come here to search and find same subject (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39674-archived-sometimes-bigger-thumbnail-of-image-included-in-the-note/?locale=es) but is "closed" with no answer, and here is another one, so yes, after all I have done, I here is little more I can do.

Thanks a million for anyone who approaches me to a solution.

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Ok, I have founded a weird workaround...

If the note has more than 1 picture, I remove all of them except the one with the icon I want, and copy that image, delete it and paste it again, and in order for this to work I have to add some text before the image then paste it and the icon square now appears. If some text fails then copy the notelink from another note and paste it into the new note, then paste the image and it should appear square, at least for me works and now I can keep working, sorry for my tone this was driving me crazy, not the best solution but is fast and let me keep going on.


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Ok, now I am understanding better how it works, 

this happens in notes where the first thing you do is to add an image, then the image will be always rectangle even if you add some text

if you fist add text and then the image, then the thumbnail become square.

But in the case where the image is already showed as rectangle because it was first added with no text on the note, will always remain rectangle no matter how much text or images you add unless you cut the image (been the only image left) and then paste it (I say been the only one because if you cut it, the note chooses the next one that is also treated as rectangle).

hope this help someone

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Hi.  Thanks for the detailed explanations,  though I mainly use List view so thumbnails aren't normally an issue.  Now you mention it I agree that while the vast majority of my notes have square thumbnails,  but every so often I see one with a rectangle.  Very odd.  In my case rectangles seem mostly to be PDF files and photos are squares - but I haven't analysed it that carefully so I could easily be wrong!

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