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Need more note, less border, on linked to Evernote notes



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Not sure if this belongs in this section of the forum or not, but it is on the web, so here it is. A mod can move it if desired.

Check out this note - or any of your own. There is way WAY too much border on this page and it shrinks the table columns to weird widths, to the point I had to expand the column for "Cmd" until the "Cmd" no longer wrapped!

Notes should expand to be at least 90% if not more the width of the client browser.  On my 2015 Macbook with Safari, which at full screen, this note is maybe 50% of the screen width. The rest is just border. In fact, it seems the note width is semi-frozen and making the Safari window bigger/smaller only changes the border width until you make the browser narrower than the note itself.


Edit: I just noticed it is also centering the text vertically in the note even though in Evernote on my mac, it is set to be top justified.

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Agreed - I was heavily into developing a shared notebook that listed a particular resource table for my users,  but defaulted to another app (the shame!) to share the data because getting a consistent table layout in Evernote was impractical.  My table and column widths kept on getting displayed in 'unusual' (and unusable) ways.  They'll get it right eventually.  Probably.

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