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(Archived) manual sort order

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Evernote is great. I find all kinds of uses for it.

However at times I need to be able to manually arrange notes within a notebook. the typical example is I have a legal pad of hand written notes that i take snapshots of and I need to be able to keep them in the proper order in Evernote. the only thing I can see that would pretty much accomplish this is to use the title line and include '01', '02' etc at the beginning of each note title. this seems klunky and generally like a workaround. it seems like this would be something that comes up a lot. I would like to be able to drag notes around into any order I want, or can there just be an index field as one of the properties of a note?

I have been using Evernote Premium for about 6 months and am using it more and more. Keep up the great work.

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There is no way to manually arrange the order the notes are displayed. Typically, IME, sorting by date created or date modified or title puts them into an order I can easily use. Otherwise, yes, you'd have to have the title either prefaced with a number.

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I just wanted to add that I also think this would be a great feature.

Perhaps there could be another Sort by option called User order.

Each note would have an internal ID of some sort storing the order.

With a big enough number allowed for the ID providing sufficient gaps between notes (allowing notes to be inserted between) the ID of each would not have to be modified. Perhaps occasionally a few notes might have to be bumped up to make room.

May be a much better way of implementation, but I was just trying to think of a possible way.

For Example:

Task 1 gets id 10000000

Task 2 gets id 20000000

Task 3 is dragged between 1 and 2 and gets id 15000000


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