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Facing Issues like Notes Redundancy & Auto Login Session Issue


Hi I have using Evernote web app on two laptops for work and personal use. Anyway. I am facing problems like data redundancy and login session time in evernote web app.

Key Info -

Windows 10
Using with touchpad instead of mouse 
Using mobile dialup connection instead of DSL

Problem Facing

While creating a note, the mouse jumps up (okay its any issue with touchpud) and create duplicate note like around 5-6 notes as seen in screenshots. All my saved data for current working note are lost and the most updated is sent to top-most note. Its same with the office laptop without touchpad. 

Another problem I am facing is whenever I close my browser I need to login again to evernote. I am using direct google plus login, it is in no way related to device specs and they way I am using. 

Looking for a way to solve.



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Hi.  What sort of a network connection do you have?  Is it reasonably fast?  And is it via a private line or a business network and firewall?

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