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(Archived) Feature request: Table editing

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Hi guys

Anyone else think the table editing in EN sucks? Using the Mac, iPhone and web versions I don't seem to be able to get it to add columns, delete columns etc. Come on Evernote.... don't spoil the ship for a hapeth of tar!

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I don't want you to feel alone. Yup, I've been waiting for table editing on the Windows version for some time. I did find it a little surprising that EN enabled the creation of tables without the means to edit them. If you search the Windows 3.5 forum you will see that they have done a lot of back end work that has improved editing in general and should lay the foundation for further enhancements. Improved table editing is at the top of "my" list of must have enhancements. I have to believe that it is somewhere on their to do list. I eagerly await each new release to see if this is the one :-). Until then, I continue to use blocknote.net for tables and then copy them into EN.


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I found this topic via search - many thanks for starting the thread!

I, too, think that table editing in EN is a **MUST**... I all-to-often find myself wanting to add rows or columns to tables, and get frustrated that I cannot.

Surely this has to be a pending feature request? If not, then how is it added to the dev. list? I've already submitted a trouble ticket for this issue online.


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Table editing has always been a huge weakness on Evernote (MAC) (up there with random crashes, and cut-and-paste-issues as the biggest flaws in an otherwise good product.

There used to be a workaround - to go to the web version - but this latest version of the web version seems to have taken OUT the quite good editing that was there. What's up, why the backwards step.

- Mitra

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