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Voicenotes: Button for "Pause" while speaking



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10 minutes ago, cadillac said:

It would be very helpful to pause the "brainstorming" to get better thougts and than resume the recording.

Stop and start works for me; I get separate audio files (IOS)

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That is the problem. The many separate audios.

If you speak for one Idea 15-20 minutes. And you have always to seperate the files it is very anoying. I have 40-50 Files. And the most of it is "silence" because I am thinking...

Every recorder has a pause button. Only Evernote has forget it to implementing.

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Hi.  Don't think Evernote 'forgot' anything - IMHO this was meant to be a way to record 'don't forget to feed the cat later' quick memos,  not dictate a paragraph or two.  The origlnal concept (I think) was more like Siri than voice-to-text.  There are other audio apps out there with extra facilities if you need them - but it does seem pretty basic for Evernote to have the extra button.  Again IMHO it's a 'nice to have' given that silence in recordings at least give me a chance to catch up on typing if/ when I'm transcribing content.  Where I do a longer recording and need the controls,  I use a different app then attach the audio file to my note.  I voted...

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