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Hi Evernote team,


I desire to provide my personal experience for you.

First of all, I very very like Evernote service.

I usually use Evernote to make my English vocabulary lists.

However, when I need to highlight or underline sentences or vocabulary.

I need to enter edit mode and then pop up my keyboard that occupies my almost one-third screen.

It really annoys me. I hope you can consider to separating the "highlight", "underline" and the other note functions from edit function.

The reason is that the keyboard really decreases the view of the screen and I want to keep full screen to view my note.

Secondly, I usually write down my list every day.

It means when I write down a lot of vocabularies, the list will be very long.

To my surprise, Evernote does not design a perfect solution that could quickly jump to the end of the note or the begin of the note.

I hope that you can consider the function for those who have a long page and need to phub for a long time to the end of the note.

Also, I have an idea for the long note. The idea is that you can add a new edit mode designing a “located point” which inserts a hyperlink (ideally, the located point can automatically number themselves like an outline). When someone wants to browse the long note, they can enter a page( it could pop up a floating window) that shows all the “located points”. You can click the “located point” to reach each paragraph. It will be more friendly for users.

All of those are my ideas. Hope you can consider them.


Best regards,







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