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Lost all Evernote notes on Cell phone, but not on laptop

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I upgraded from basic to plus today. I had lost my notes on the cell phone due to factory reset, but I found my notes  partially on my laptop. Could I restore all my data to my cell phone, and could I restore remaining data to my laptop

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Hi.  Sadly,  while you can restore what's on your computer to the 'phone,  it's highly unlikely you can get more than one old note from the phone to the account.

Mobile devices don't have copies of notes stored permanently on them.  They do have search indexes,  and a small number of notes in temporary memory - these being the last note or notes that you viewed on the phone.  If you open a note on the phone the 'latest version' will be downloaded from the server to overwrite what you may be able to see.

Both the mobile and your computer get notes from the server,  so the most important thing to do is to sign into Evernote.com on the web to see what version(s) of your notes the server has.

If you sign in from the phone with your usual user name and password,  then sync manually,  you should get complete access to the server-based notes.  If there are any notes on the laptop or the cell that you can see are different from those on the server,  you should send these notes to your account by email (if you're a paying subscriber) or create a brand new note and copy the content across,  otherwise the older content may be lost.

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