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WebClipper doesn't work at all on Safari Mac OSX


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When I click the Evernote Webclipper icon next to the address bar: a new Tab opens, and I am required to log in. After I logged in the tab closes automatically. When I click the icon again: a new Tab opens, then closes after less then a second and nothing else happens.

macOS Sierra 10.12.5

Safari 10.1.1

Evernote Web Clipper 6.12.1

Thank you for any suggestions.

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2 hours ago, georicky said:

Would be nice to have this information somewhere, or at least have some sort of error message.

It was (I think) a change in Clipper to require this cookie permission,  though no doubt there were good Google reasons for doing so.  To be fair there are quite a few other queries and the 'allow cookies' answer in the Forums here,  so a Google search is probably your best bet for any quick teching (it'll find Forum posts better than the forum search does),  closely followed by a post here for advice and information. 

Agreed it would have been nice for Evernote to suggest the permissions change up front when they became aware of it!

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Thanks gazumped for sharing your ideas.

Unfortunately searching for 'allow cookies' was not an option, since didn't have the idea, that cookies could be involved in the problem.

Meanwhile I let Safari accept all cookies - however, Webclipper doesn't do anything. I wanted to save a note about a book I'm interested in and that I found on amazon.com - Evernote Webclipper doesn't do anything. Frustrating.

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3 hours ago, georicky said:

searching for 'allow cookies' was not an option

Didn;t mean to suggest a search for the fix,  just the source of the issue.  I ran a Google search (it's actually better than a forum search for finding posts) for "Evernote Safari Clipper" and got 11,000 hits of which the first three or so included:




- interestingly it's not always about the cookies,  though I remember that being suggested by an employee in another thread somewhere...


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