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I originally posted this as a reply for the beta, but I think it should become a new post.

I'm new here, support has been really pushing for me to give my feedback only in user forums, which I think really sucks and is a very efficient way to not listen to feedback and it is a very efficient way also to not receive feedback, because creating a new post takes a lot of work.

I installed the beta, so I'm giving feedback for that, but also feedback in general.

I do not want to create a separate post for each item, that would be too much work. I will probably post this message in another section, if appropriate. 


1. I don't like this image viewer. I use Windows Photo Viewer, which is fast. How can I disable this new evernote image viewer?

When I double click an image, I want to have it opened in my default photo viewer. Also, it is retarded to have a double click to open inside the same, and then have clicks ZOOM. It took me a while before I discovered how to get out of that view, I kept trying to click to undo whatever just happened.

Also, If you double click outside of the image region, it will close the zoomed view, but it will close on the first click. The second click will then be on top of the sidebar, which will open the notebook/tag/bookmark, and will make me lose the position and the note that was opened. It really sucks having this evernote image viewer. Please add an option to disable it. 

2. Fix subscript typing. I use subscript and superscript a lot now that I discovered it exists. Previously, I would just have used underscore. But now, the note editor provides no way to know when subscript/superscript is enabled or not, so often I will type, and it will be formatted wrong. It is really unpredictable to me to know when some formatting option is enabled or note. Often I click in a new line, and the line will start formatted. If I press the shortcut to disable, it doesnt disable for the next characters, or for the next new line. 

3. Fix the image annotator. The menus of the icons are really annoying to use. When you press an icon hoping the option you want is there, and it isn't, you have to drag the mouse back, and wait for it to disappear. It takes too long to launch and open an image. There is no way to drag the view, all the mouse buttons do the same action, which is to draw. That is really ***** when you have an image zoomed in. Allow zoom when cropping: photoshop has the most awesome cropper I've ever seen. Make it work more like the photoshop cropper.

4. Allow scrolling the note editor past the bottom of the screen. When I writing a note, I often want to make the line I'm typing at least in the middle of the screen.

5. Allow tabs, make the work like the indenting shortcut. So, then, Tab would work like ctrl+m, and shift+tab should work like ctrl+shift+m.

6. Allow adding more tags than it fits the screen in the note editor. CUrrently, if you try to add more tabs than it fits, it will open a modal dialog, and pressing enter will close the tag field. There is no way to add multiple tags then, and worse, this behavior is inconsistent with how tags work when all the tags are visible. 

7. Fuzzy matching for search, title, tab, and notebook editor. 

8. Sync software preferences. If I ever have to reinstall evernote, it will reset all my settings, which really really sucks. I'm fine not having some minor things implemented everywhere, but there should be a way to backup and restore (ideally sync) the preferences I've set up. 

This is what I can think for now. 

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Please don't repost your comments anywhere else - they won't be seen by a wider audience.

If you're a new user,  a beta is probably the worst possible way to evaluate the application - betas are not supposed to be perfect,  they're trials of new features and code that might fall over at any time.

Your comments will be seen by Evernote developers,  so here is a valid place to post them.  If they're about the beta,  then that release thread would have been an even better place:  https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/106465-evernote-for-windows-66-beta-2-released/

Most of your comments have already been made anyway,  so we'd expect improvements in due course - No 8 doesn't normally apply;  reinstalling or updating will simply upgrade your installation and keep your preferences as set.  On occasion - especially when the available preferences change - you may have to reset preferences.  That's an exception,  not the rule.

This is a mainly user-supported forum (devs read,  but don't often respond) but if you do have queries or issues we'll usually do our best to help out or suggest work-arounds.


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