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(Archived) Copy & Paste, Encrption



I'm migrating to Evernote from another app and I noticed a couple of items that weren't in Evernote.

1. Copy & Paste.

If I select a note CMD+C then CMD+V I don't get a "Copy of Original Note" or something to that effect (it just does nothing for now). I keep some notes as text templates with placeholders. A copy and paste would make things easy for me to create new template based notes. At the moment I need to select all of the text and paste it into the new note. It works - but clunky.

2. Encryption

It's nice that you guys have encryption for selected text, but how about for the entire note? Would it be possible to add some option (say right click a note and "encrypt") for this? Then anything you enter into the note is encrypted by default and you don't need to worry about adding text within the encryption boundary.

Thanks for taking a look at my query.

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