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Copy and Paste in Web editor loses font formatting

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Evernote is great...but it's driving me mad with silly little issues that should just not be happening.

In the web-editor - Copy and paste - even within a note - keeps losing the font of the text.

I'm using Chrome to access to web editor.

I open a note. Most of my text seems to be in Gotham font, size 14. I don't know why... that seems to be the default. Can't change it anyway.

I copy that Gotham 14 text - seems to only happen when I've got multiple lines - ie. including a carriage return. Move the cursor somewhere else. Paste it.

Evernote turns that into:

  Some Gotham 14 text
  Some text in a different font - which says "Font, tT" in the menu bar at the top...ie. it doesn't really have a font....but it's not Gotham 14. Looks like it might be Verdana - but it's not the same size as any of the ones you can select yourself...slightly bigger than Gotham 14
  Some more Gotham 14 text

I don't know why it's changing the font, and why it's just some of it. Sounds like it's something to do with the carriage return/newline / multi-line text.

So every single time I copy and paste - which is quite a bit - I have to go and put the formatting back....really annoying! I would quite happily change all my notes to whatever that odd font is if it's going to keep changing text to that font - but you can't as it doesn't have a name!

Is anyone else getting the same? Seems to have started a month or two ago.

Screenshot hopefully showing the issue. Repeatable - happens everytime.

I hope Evernote starts fixing some of these basic text formatting issues soon otherwise it's going to drive me away...we shouldn't be having problems with basic text handling..


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