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IQTell Shutting Down. Again


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They came back from it once, but not twice. Even if they pull out another last minute save, I will be bailing for good. Fortunately, I didn't g all in with them as many did. EN is still my everything app, so all I have to do is move recurring tasks and I'm done


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IQTell Shutting Down. Again


2 hours ago, dbvirago said:

They came back from it once, but not twice.

What's your basis for this?  A Google didn't turn up anything recent.
Post a link to a credible source.

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46 minutes ago, s2sailor said:

It was announced on their community here.

Thanks.  Thought I'd capture the announcement here, since the IQTell forum will go away at some point.

Closure of all IQTell services , posted 2017-06-21


We regret to inform you that IQTell will stop providing services 5:00 pm EDT July 31, 2017. 

  1. For paying users, an automated refund will be issued on July 31, 2017. The refund amount will be prorated, i.e., based on the unused time remaining on the subscription. Any and all recurring charges will be stopped.
  2. All user data will be deleted (purged) effective August 1, 2017. There will be no backup.
  3. All email, calendar events and Evernote notes will stay intact on their respective native service providers, e.g., Google, Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook.com, Evernote, etc.
  4. Users are kindly requested to export all other data such as Actions and Projects and doing so no later than July 31, 2017. For our knowledge base topic on exporting data, please click here.
  5. Since the new web app doesn’t have the export functionality, users need to login using our previous web app. Click here to login to your IQTell account using the previous web app.


Ran Flam 
IQTell.com, LLC

I suppose this is a question better asked on the iQTell forum, but does anyone here have a suggestion of alternatives to IQTell?

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21 hours ago, JMichaelTX said:

I suppose this is a question better asked on the iQTell forum, but does anyone here have a suggestion of alternatives to IQTell?

Specifically what features
I'm not an IQTell User but copied this from the website

  1. Turn Evernote notes into tasks, projects, someday, etc.
    I manage projects and tasks within Evernote; I'm sure iQTell does a better job but my workflow works for me 
  2. Add Evernote notes as events on your calendars
    I have this scripted (Mac) and there are third party solutions like Cronofy Calendar Connector
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DTLow, for me, it was simply the all in one place interface. They screwed that up with their latest release so that you needed multiple windows open to use tasks, email and Evernote. This made it not much better than using 3 different apps. I am still evaluating replacements, but shouldn't be too hard to find. Mostly, I want the easiest possible method to send emails to EN and to my task list. For the first, it may simply be the EN email address or web clipper. For the second, there are quite a few that accept emails and turn them into tasks, so, among them, which has the feature set I want.  It will be similar to that thieving little kid, Goldilocks - not too big and not too small. 

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I will miss the EN2IQ function, which was my main way of getting data into IQTELL and EN at the same time. Using EN, you add some text and an IQTELL-specific tag. For example, to create a record of a Meeting:

"EN Subject" (becomes the Meeting Title)

Convo Type: Meeting

Check boxes become tasks in IQTELL.

Then changes to the Evernote can be made in the IQTELL interface or in EN itself and are synced. 


The cool thing about this, is that those checkboxes remain in the note, and are completed as tasks within IQTELL. So as IQTELL meets its demise, I still have a record of all my tasks in EN without having to export from IQTELL.


I also used a system where for each item in IQTELL (projects, tasks, etc.) I created a note in EN. So, IQTELL was just being used as a structure and interface for me. All the data is in EN already.


Now, I just need to find a replacement. Looking at Feng Office, going back to Remember the Milk, or finding a way to use EN reminders and be done with it.

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IMO, the problem was with the CEO (Ran Flan) himself, and his attitude and dealing toward his user base. If you were to truly take a look around, you'll find that he continually scoffed at enhancement requests, and often ridiculed paying customers who provided the feedback he claimed to solicit. Of course if you looked at their online community you would get a different vibe. The reason is he would literally delete constructive feedback and ban the member who posted it. Truly a surreal experience seeing fellow users fearful of providing feedback on a community forum set up for such, simply due to the CEO being thin-skinned and constantly showing a lack of professionalism. 

Simply goes to show you, no matter how progressive an application is, if you refuse to give your users any say in its roadmap, you are doomed to close your doors. 


FWIW, I ate my losses with IQTell once I realized the type of operation it was and transitioned to Tick Tick. Haven't looked back since.

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