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Interaction API with Infusionsoft

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From a quick look at the website it doesn't appear there's any direct integration as with Evernote and SalesForce,  but you should be able to link the two packages together by copy/ pasting,  note links and reminders.  Infusionsoft are aware of Evernote - they mention it as an invaluable small business tool - so you might get more response from their help desk or forums...

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Hi @Brad @ Aquamark

We've just added Zapier integration to Tuskify, our Evernote automation tool.  Tuskify allows you to create "recipes" which look for specific triggers in your notes (e.g. tag "customer" added to note) and then perform actions to your notes (e.g. move note to notebook "Customers").  With our latest update, you can now integrate Evernote with many other apps by using Tuskify and Zapier.

You can read more about integrating Tuskify with Zapier here.

Hopefully that's something that could be of use to you?

If you have any questions please ask.

Kind regards,


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