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On a regular text note, the font size keeps changing. I start a note on my phone, it starts with a medium font size. Then, in order for me to write more letters on one line of text and the inavailability of a font size button in the Android Evernote app, I use a desktop to open the note, then change the font size to i.e. size 12. Then, when that note is opened the next time on the Android phone, the font size stays at that smaller size, but only until I copy and paste text within that note. Once it gets pasted anywhere else in the document the text size changes to even bigger that it was when originally created on that Android (Galaxy S8+) phone. The same issue has been there for many years and all Android devices tested. A screenshot showing these 3 different font sizes is attached. I would like all the text to stay at the smaller size, but that is not possible on an Android phone. And the lack of a font size selection button means a continous need of a dekstop computer to re-format the text to smaller font. Such a very simple function (font size) has been available on every computer since 25 years ago and it hard to believe that Evernote has so many features, but yet lacks this very basic text formatting possibility.




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No, there's no solution to that problem. I've emailed dozens of things about it. That's why I stopped using Evernote. Nobody's helping. It didn't help as a result of my close to 17 mail traffic. Evernote needs to publish an update on this issue. Evernote employees sound like waves. You're going back to where you started at the end of dozens of e-mails. Also, the "Simplify formatting" command workaround. The size of the writing is deteriorating.

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On 2017-12-30 at 6:12 AM, charloteh said:

hey I've found a solution! (that hopefully lasts) 

Click the three dots on the side and a whole list of options appear, click on simpilfy formatting. Problem solved! 

Yes, the Simp;ify Formatting is a useful tool.  Some platforms also have Convert to Plain Text, and Paste as Plain Text
It does a good job of cleaning up the underlaying html code

By itself, the Evernote editor doesn't seem to have formatting problems
It's when we paste in formated text that things get twisted
Pasting from web pages also causes strange results 

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The simplest way I found to address this problem is to copy the selected text from the web to Google keep. Next I will take the Google keep text and copy it into Evernote. That way all of the HTML formatting is removed and you've got the raw text to work with in Evernote. I know it's a workaround. But it's quick and painless.

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