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Handwritten annotations in evernote

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32 minutes ago, sa3oud said:

Hello everyone, I wanted to know if I am able to write using the apple pencil on a pdf or image in evernote. 

Evernote has an annotation feature, and it works with pdfs and images; click on the 594a80da753d9_ScreenShot2017-06-21at07_20_47.png.4de1e742d35f6eaeb487fe6a4c6037af.png icon (Mac/IOS)
- note images are converted to pdf format (Mac)
Apple Pencil works well; no special support, its built into IOS

I prefer to use dedicated apps instead of Evernote's editor
My current preference is Notability on my iPad

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2 hours ago, macneilpi said:

What is is you like about Notability and don't like about the EN editing features?

The note format is fine for basic typed notes; there's also a sketch tool which ends up as an image attachment.

Sometimes I want a document with

  • pages
  • free form combination of typing, handwriting, sketches, images; placed anywhere on the page
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