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(Archived) A few ideas for Evernote.



I know these are not all new ideas, some of been discussed here in the forums but I would like to show my desire for these options.

1. Shared notes in desktop app (premium users)

2. Share based upon tags instead of notebooks

3. Sub folders for notebooks

4. Global smart filter that would allow you to 'virtually' combine multiple notes based upon Tags. For example, I have a tag called ToDo. I would like to be able to view all my "ToDo's" in one window.

5. Line numbers in text editor

6. Ability to mark a note as 'plain text only'

7. Option to hide specific notes from viewing. To view give a button (ex: show hidden) that will prompt you to authenticate and those said notes will be visible for X minutes.

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Thanks for the feedback. #1 is already promised, and #3 is a very common request from other users.

#4: This is what Saved Searches are intended for. You can filter based on your desired criteria, then Save that search. When you click on the Saved Search, you'll see the notes that apply. If you want to see them in a separate window, use this first: File > New Evernote Window

#6: As a workaround right now, you should be able to:

Select All (Cmd-A)

Cut (Cmd-X)

Paste Without Formatting (Shift-Cmd-V)


If you had notes that you wanted to explicitly filter out from your list when viewing, you could add either a word or a tag to them and then use the '-' search operator to hide them from a search. E.g. if they all have "HIDEME" in them, you could search for:


to remove those from any view.

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For #7 - I have a similar solution. Some of my notes that have images result in a huge amount of OCR created "noise". For instance, when I capture map images for a long roadtrip, it is full of small low resolution city and town names.

So I add a the tag X to that image.

To avoid these type of images, I'll just add " -tag:x " to the search and all those notes are suppressed.

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Any thoughts on #2 (Share based upon tags instead of notebooks)?

Ugh, just sounds like a tangle, conceptually, and probably would engender a lot of confusion in the users, and is probably not high on the list of most-wanted feature anyways. Notebooks are more atomic and conceptually cleaner n this context.


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I understand it isn't at the top of the list (I too have to juggle customer requests vs. available resources). My reason for the request is the ability to share various notes (across notebooks) with some of my co-workers by placing a specific shared tag in the note. For example if I want to share the notes with my co-worker Albert, a tag 'albert' would be perfect for me.



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Interesting use case. Means that the tag 'albert' would somehow need to be associated with your co-worker Albert. Kind of a change to the notion of tags, which as near as I can tell, are not associated with anything, but just stand alone (I know there's a word for this, but it's late in the afternoon and my head's been stuck in some code all day, sooo...).


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*maybe* tags aren't the best word for this feature, but I think you guys understand the basic concept behind my idea of sharing based upon 'tag' for an authorized user for that note.

Yep, it's interesting. Evernote is, in is essence, notes, tags and notebooks. Tags live in one notebook at a time, but can have multiple tags. Tags cut across all notebooks, but notebooks are the things that are shared. Needs a third concept, maybe. Authorizations, perhaps, so you could assign different capabilities to different users (read only, edit, etc.)? I've never shared a notebook before, so I don't know what it entails.


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Notes among co-workers can be a very helpful way of storing data that needs to be shared and is a much better alternative to sending email copies of things back en forth.

I would agree that maybe 'tags' wouldn't be perfect (but would work if that was the only option). Possibly a similar concept to tags, called 'users'. You would type their name just like you do tags and allow them either read or read/write access.

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A comment on the specific example given for #4. Egretlist for the iPhone is doing this with Evernote data. Would it be desirable to have this app, or a comparable app, on the desktop? I.E., Is accomplishing the task the goal, or is it desired to do it specifically within the Evernote app?

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