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Non-Basic Paper Types are blank sheets

Brandon Arnold

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Device: Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 512GB 

iOS version: 10.3.2

Penultimate: 64-bit

Evernote Acct Type: Premium


When choosing a paper type from sections beneath Basic (such as Writing, Time & Tasks, Photo Pages, Games, Design Collection, Young Writers, and Music), the template is not showing. See the screenshots attached; the second screenshot exhibits the "Piano" paper type.

Note: this is identical to to Brian A and mister tee's ignored post over 5 months ago.

Possible cause: this iPad is the third I've owned since using Penultimate. When restoring Penultimate data from iCloud onto a new device, perhaps the data does not include "paper type" templates.

Note: An obvious thing would be to completely delete the app and reload it. If someone can guarantee I will not lose all my existing notebooks within the Penultimate app, then I'm down. Otherwise it is not a solution.




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Thanks Materiell:

When you say you didn't lose any notebooks or info, do you mean it is still available in the Penultimate app, or do you mean it is still backed up in Evernote though it is not showing up in Penultimate? Thanks for guinea pigging!


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Hi Brandon, thanks for the help here. Picked up on one of your posts in a different thread about starting a thread for this specific problem. 

Also, thanks to Materiell for providing the solution. I've done just as you suggested. When signing back in to evernote after downloading penultimate again all my notebooks appeared back in the app plus all the missing paper types.

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