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Clip Screenshot is not working

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Please help... I mainly using clip screen shot to clip just important part from web page ie. receipt etc. 

Now that feature is not working. I would start with 3 mm. x 3 mm. then it jumps to paste and I got nothing but a small tiny box.  I having a problem with dragging function on Chrome ( as in highlight - copy - paste to the search box) part of a word or part of the sentence would be the highlighted but not the whole word nor sentence.   - Chrome - Window 10.

- I also can not drag cell to a new location in excel. 

Can somebody let me know how to deal with this? 


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I just experienced a similar problem these last few days. First, the web clipper screenshot function worked as expected, then a few days later it completely stopped working and would only screenshot a small 3mmx3mm square like you mentioned. 

My solution (using chrome extension)? delete the extension, reboot chrome, and re-download the extension. This appears to have fixed the problem (for now).

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