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Activate text highlighting in web client (classic view)



Alright...I'm about at my wits end with Evernote now. I don't see how I can keep my membership. I work for a company that doesn't allow installing Evernote, and work on multiple desktops. I use it regularly for my note-taking and I work on several machines (real and VDI in a single day). Evernote is perfect except for the fact that they don't allow highlighting in the classic web version (I won't touch the version because it's too different from the desktop, and I'm looking for simplicity and consistency across devices). That's Evernote in so many ways, 

So, what's up? Why isn't this implemented. I'm really going to have to discontinue use this year now that I'm relying on cross-platform and web access daily. It's just a real drag and seems so simple to fix. I've seen people asking for this for at least a couple years. 



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I would like to echo this request! I am a college student who uses Evernote for all of my study needs. I am a Chromebook user, and a Google doc user for composition, spreadsheets etc. I love Evernote's sync across devices function, however, the only way I can get highlights into my notes is via my Android app. This is VERY inconvenient. There needs to be highlighting functionality for the web-based version! I am a premium subscriber. 

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