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Autosave folder in Android

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Is there a folder on the Android where, if I save a file there, it will be added to Evernote, similar to the autosave folder in Windows? 

I have several apps in which I would like the output saved to Evernote, as opposed to going through the share or email process each time.

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That's a really interesting idea. Having something like an auto-share option or setting or default app would be excellent. However, though I don't know the technical stuff, I suspect that Android isn't quite able to accomplish this--IOW, it's liable to be an OS limitation, not specific to Evernote.

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19 minutes ago, dbvirago said:

I'm more thinking of having a folder in Evernote that has been given made available offline. Then placing something in that folder syncs back upstream.

In IOS we're finally getting a file system, but I agree with @Dave-in-Decatur that it's an OS limitation and not under Evernote control.  Possibly Evernote could add a button to the app; when selected, it would import any files in the folder

The only way I can see around this is to use a Dropbox folder.  This gets replicated back to my desktop and triggers the import

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