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Web Clipper miniature images


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For some reason, some web pages with a dozen images only transfer the first images full size, while the rest are transferred in miniature size.    This is a web page that has this problem: https://shift.newco.co/how-to-use-slide-masters-to-customize-microsoft-powerpoint-365-presentations-751c00d581ec  

After the 4h image, the rest are miniscule. I selected Simplified Article. 

How can I get them all the original size, like the first 4?  See partial screenshot attached.

I use Windows 10, Chrome and Web Clipper 6.12.1 (2874309/





evernote clipper issue.PNG

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Hi.  Just clipped that web page and AFAIK got all images at the right size.  Different browser (Firefox 54) and clipper though.  Have you tried restarting your system and (if that doesn't help) a different browser?

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