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Feature Request: Improved Tables

Newton M.


The version 6.6 Beta 2 of the Windows client received some nice features on the tables handling area. 

Here they are from the release notes:

Improvement to tables
You can now merge cells, to add more layers of organization to your tables! 
You can now copy multiple cells and paste into selected cells

Some highlights:

  • Quickly add rows and columns – via the plus button
  • Easily select cells – by clicking-and-dragging, or by clicking the column/row headers
  • Efficiently drag and drop rows & columns – by clicking on the row/column headers, and then dragging and dropping the row/column elsewhere
  • Better copy/paste – copy multiple cells, then place your cursor anywhere in the table to paste into multiple cells
  • New fixed width columns – so that as you increase/decrease one column’s width, it does not affect the next column’s width
  • New horizontally scrollable tables – so that you won’t need to expand your window wide to view a table that has many columns
  • Access advanced table functions – via the new menu which provides options such as
  • Resizing the table width to match the current window size
  • Distributing selected columns evenly
  • Adjusting alignment of content in cells
  • Changing cell background color
  • Additional info: The new tables do not support "table-in-table" or "merged cell" functionality. If you paste incompatible tables into a note, then the tables in the note will not have the updated table features or controls (including resizing). In a future update, we plan to support pasted-in tables that have merged cells.

My request: If there's no way to bring all of those features in the upcoming beta versions of the Mac client. Please add shortcuts to allow us to add more lines or columns inside the tables or a way to a new line be automatically added if you hit something like a shift+enter combination.  

I know that different user has different needs and demands, but I hope that functionality will get some attention and be considered by the development team.  

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Reviewing all the features listed on the RN, I noticed that some of them are already available. Mea culpa. 
But I really hope the other ones get some attention and consideration. Both from users and the company. 

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Evernote has a history of introducing upgrades in one OS and then - once they've worked out the general design - sharing it across all possible platforms.  It may take a while but I'd be confident you'll see more improvements in Mac tables this year...

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