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Uninstall enclipper (completely)

Tony Vella

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Could someone tell me how to completely uninstall enclipper. Whenever I backup my laptop with SyncToy I always get the message that SyncToy cannot read from enclipper_date.txt - which always shows as a "failed" file - because it is being used by another application. I have no applications open when I backup. So I just want to get rid of it off my machine completely. I am using Win10, Chrome and/or Edge.

Any help appreciated in advance.

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Hi.  I don't have a generic _date file on my Win10 setup,  but I do have a bunch of files in C:\Users\<user>\Evernote\Logs in the format enclipper_yyyy-mm-dd.txt which I've now deleted.  I'd suggest that your file is just more of the same,  so you could simply ignore the error - if you ever have to restore your system,  the lack of that file won't be an issue.

Deleting Clipper is easy if you need to - go to each browser which has Clipper installed to it,  look up the Add-Ins page (usually somewhere in Options if its not shown separately) and use the controls on that page to remove Clipper.  Once you've done that for all your browsers,  restart your system.

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