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(Archived) Audio/note syncing



Does Evernote allow the syncing of audio notes with typed or handwritten notes? Both Word for Mac as well as Livescribe let you take notes while recording audio, and the notes are synced with the audio - in other words, clicking on a note starts the audio playing at the point the note was taken.

Would love to be able to do this with Evernote as I take all my class notes in Evernote and it would be truly wonderful to have my notes synced to the audio.

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This feature is the reason I still primarily use Onenote.

I do a lot of online coursework, and it is invaluable to be able to link my notes from a class to an mp3 file of the professor talking. This way I don't have to fill-out my outlines, I just need to provide a framework, and if I later want to know more info, I just click play on the outline item.

If Evernote had this feature, I'd probably switch over completely to Evernote and never look back.

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Sure wish we could get some feedback from Evernote on this feature. Livescribe has it, OneNote has it, Word for Mac has it... If Evernote wants to be the universal note storage tool, this is a must feature.

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Hi yes, How long for this feature please?

the wait is hurting :(

One aspect I use Evernote is with Song Writing

so you can imagine how usefull it would be to link dif mp3 or wav sections and write notes about what to do next.

we use it already when sketching ideas but cant refrence the songs we're talking about.


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