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(Archived) Trouble dragging pdf INTO Evernote



Hello everyone. I'm new to this board so please excuse me if this query has already been covered. I couldn't find anything by searching . On several occasions, I have NOT been able to drag a pdf file INTO my Mac desktop client. At other times I could. Once, I succeeded by opening the pdf in Preview and saving it as a pdf, which then was "draggable". But on two other occasions that didn't work.

In those two cases I was able to successfully e-mail the pdf's into Evernote, and they showed up on my desktop client after synchronization.

Any explanation, or solutions?


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First, make sure you're trying to drop the file on either:

- Evernote's dock icon

- A notebook on the left side of the main Evernote window

- Into the body of a note

If one of those fails, I'd be curious about the other two.

If you can still reproduce the problem, there might be some useful information in: Help > Activity Log...

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